Saturday, May 14, 2011

International Artists in Billboard, March 15, 1969

The music industry trade press took very little notice of the International Artists label. That's what makes this 1969 article in Billboard so surprising. Datelined "New York" (?), we learn that IA is currently planning an ambitious expansion after a "management overhaul" eight months prior. The circumstances of that overhaul are unknown, as Bill Dillard, Noble Ginther, and J.L. Patterson, "Houston businessmen" (no mention is made of the law firm), were in charge before the overhaul. Lelan Rogers was long gone by this point, and Ray Rush was now the general manager. (Fred Carroll was also back in the fold by then, but is not mentioned.) The idea that IA would be releasing "a minimum" of two albums a month is quite puzzling when we consider that the label only released three LPs total between then and the bankruptcy in 1971. The Shades LP never materialised.

Bubble Puppy was hitting with "Hot Smoke and Sassafrass" at the time but, they, too, didn't get a mention.

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