Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Continental V

Continental V - Wake Me Up Girl / Tell My Why (Continental 101 & Radel 107)

Very little information has surfaced on the mysterious Continental V, the group who crafted the psych classic "Wake Me Up Girl." A surviving studio receipt, however, gives us some clues. The session was done at Gold Star in Houston on July 29, 1967, with Jim Duff engineering. Karl Horn of 1818 Wayside Drive, Texas City, paid $219.50 for the studio time and 100 records. This was not an insubstantial investment -- $219 being the equivalent of spending $1,400 today. Both sides were recorded and mixed in three hours.

One hundred copies were pressed on the band's own Continental label, but these must have sold out quickly, and it was soon re-pressed on the Radel label. The producer credit shifted in the meantime from K. Horn to Ray Dale Boynton. And that was all from Texas City's number one psych band. I'm guessing that they didn't survive into the '70s.

Deniz Tek of Radio Birdman fame has recorded a new version of "Wake Me Up Girl" that is scheduled to be released this year.

Below: Gold Star Studio receipt for Continental V session.


  1. If I remember correctly, the drummer for this band was Tommy Williams.He lived in Texas City, as did I.The Continental V played all around Galveston County and beyond for several years before breaking up.Some of the places were the Nessler Center in Texas City, the Moody Center and the Bunkers in Galveston.Tommy played with several bands after the Continental V, including a tour in Europe with Liza Minelli.I met Tommy in the late '70's when I worked with him in his "after music" company called Reliable Home Services(residential repair).
    My name is G.F. Brown.I'm known as Frank Brown or Hookman Brown.

  2. Hello Hookman, I was the vocal/ Frontman with the continental V. The drummer for the recording was Larry Chapa, and he worked with the band for the time we were together. We only played together for 4 months. I moved to Germany and the band didnt reform. Terry Garris the bass player died in 1969 in a rescue effort at a refinery. They didnt have proper breathing gear and he lost his life in the rescue. Guitarist Bill Moeller died in 2012. I cant find Karl Horn or Larry. Like all garage bands we were going to make it, and it was always about the chicks. I remember the Nessler gig and some others in Galveston. Its fun to hear from someone who was there. We did no photos or film. It was a different time. Now everyone is a videoographer, I am an artist, guitarmaker and occasional musician. Be well. Richard Albaugh, Warren, RI

  3. Howdy y'all. I am Terry Adrian Garriss. ..named after my fathers late brother Terry (the bassist mentioned above). Ricky Garriss left me Terry's bass although in despair if you would to restore it for momento sake