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Throbbing Heart, Go-Go Girls Featured at Living Eye Club

Throbbing Heart, Go-Go Girls Featured at Living Eye Club
by Jerri Largent, Post Youth Editor

Houston Post Youth Beat * 19 January 1967

As the heart beats and blood rushes through neon veins, teens of Spring Branch and other parts of Houston dance to the music of the Living Eye.

This new dance hall for teens, which was recently opened, was constructed in the shape of an android.

The roof supports are molded "ribs." A huge heart in the center of the ceiling throbs as its beats are heard in every part of the dance floor. Electrical "blood" flows through neon "veins" on each beat and theatrical fog spreads the bright red color through the air.

The teens come in every mode of dress from pants to skirts, some bell-bottom, some backless. Some come in western attire and some come in costumes. They come with andwithout shoes.

Three girls from the area work at the Living Eye as go-go dancers. Karen King and Sherry Martin, students at Spring Branch High, and Cindy Seixas, a student at South Texas Junior College, dance individually on a platform in front of the band. The girls are paid for dancing and have their parents' consent.

When asked why she worked as a go-go dancer, one of the girls commented, "'Cause I love to dance."

They have no set routines. Another of the girls commented, "You just dance what you feel."

The girls have little to fear from rowdy customers, for at all times there are two uniformed police officers, T.H. Graham and J.G. Brock, on duty. There is also a woman officer, Miss Pat Fawlkes, watching out for the good of the patrons.

The Living Eye also has its own "bouncer" who walks the floor with the adult supervisors. He is Thomas Carlson, a student at Sam Houston State College.

The age limit for the club is the same as for all teen dance halls in the city. The patrons must be over 15 and under 21. Each person entering the club must present proof of age before he is admitted to the club.

Every Friday and Saturday night, teens come with dates or stag to hear bands such as the Moving Sidewalks, the Deuces Wild, the Coastliners, Neal Ford and the Fanatics, or the Sixpence (sic).

Operator Bill Eisenhower extended an invitation for any parents to tour the club at any time to see where the teenagers like to spend their time. (end)

The Six Pents at the Living Eye (1966).

The Six Pents at the Living Eye (1966).

The Six Pents at the Living Eye (1966).

The 13th Floor Elevators at the Living Eye (1967).

The Lost and Found at the Living Eye (1966-67).

Newspaper ad for the opening of the Living Eye (November 11, 1966).

Inside the Living Eye.

Flyer for the opening of the Living Eye, November 11-12, 1966. 

Flyer for the "number one group in the world," ? and the Mysterians, appearing at the Living Eye, February 25, 1967.  

Fever Tree and crowd at the Living Eye (1967). 

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  1. Glad to find new entries on 1966. I enjoy this look back to my teenage years.