Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Epics


Little information is to be had on the Epics, a vocal group from early '60s era Houston. They had seven releases between 1960 and 1963, most of them written, arranged, and released by Ray Doggett. The early releases on Lynn/Sabra have a male lead, Buddy Williams, but by late 1961 a girl named Jeannie (last name unknown) had taken over as the lead.

Lynn 510
ACA 4132/L-722 Girl by the Wayside (James Hickey) ACA master: Late 1960
ACA 4133/L-723 Ho-Hum-Deedle-Dum (Doggett) KNUZ #19 Dec 1, 1960

Lynn 513
ACA 4203 The Magic Kiss (Ray Doggett) ACA master c. Jan 1961
ACA 4204 (I’m Gonna Pay You Back With) The Very Same Coin (Ray Doggett)

Lynn 516
ACA 4283 Last Night I Dreamed (J. Gribble) ACA session: May 16, 1961
ACA 4284 Most of All (Harvey-Fuqua-Freed)

Sabra 516
ACA 4283 Last Night I Dreamed (J. Gribble) 1961?
The Magic Kiss

Eric 7001
ACA 4418/386 Grounded (Ray Doggett-Lelan Rogers) ACA session: Aug. 31, 1961
ACA 4419/387 Wishing You Were Mine (Bill and Faye Shackelford)

Dante 3004 The Epics Featuring Jeannie
D-205 I Want to Be Your Girl (Goldner-Barett) 1962-63
D-206 So Many Times (G. Smith-S. Jones)

Dante 3006 Jeannie and the Epics
Mama Dear 1962-63
Glad to be Free

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