Saturday, July 2, 2011

Terri Sharp on Ventural

Terri Sharp - A Love That Will Last / I'm Young (Ventural)

This bouncy girl pop 45 gives us a nice change of pace from the male-dominated music scene of Houston. Terri Sharp was still in high school when she cut "A Love That Will Last" in Nashville in August, 1965. Nobody there was interested in releasing it so she settled on Ventural, one of Huey Meaux's family of labels in Pasadena. It sold well enough in Houston to attract attention from Fontana, who re-released it in the US and Great Britain. It wasn't a hit, and neither was Terri's follow-up on White Cliffs. She later moved to Nashville and became a songwriter for Hank Williams. Jr's publishing company.

Terri Sharp passed away Dec. 17, 2015.

Below: Terri Sharp article in the Houston Post Woman's World Chic, February 13, 1966. Click to enlarge.

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